Who Are The Candidates Running?

REMINDER: Who Are The Candidates Running?
What Does Building a Better Future Look Like to You?

What Does It Look Like to Your Community?

For us here in Colorado, we’re fighting not only for the soul of this nation alongside Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, but we’re fighting to build a better future. But, the reality is that this could mean so many different things to different people.

What does building a better future mean to you? To your community? Come join in one of our new “Colorado Communities Connect” virtual series and be part of the discussion!

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Updates and Fast Facts from John Hickenlooper for Senate

Then-Governor John Hickenlooper speaking to press and onlookers before he signed the reauthorization of the Colorado Civil Rights Division into law.
Did you know?

During John Hickenlooper’s 8 years as governor, he championed and signed into law a number of bills to expand and protect Coloradans’ civil rights. One of the most important bills he signed was in 2018, when he reauthorized Colorado Civil Rights Division, which was under attack by Republicans in the legislature. This is because the CCRD was at the heart of the infamous Jack Phillips case, where the owner of a Lakewood bakery refused to serve a couple because they were gay.

The case set religious conservatives on edge, including the Centennial Institute at Colorado Christian University (CCU). Republican lawmakers promised there would be changes when the agency came up for a sunset review in 2018.

“We are so proud to make sure this got done the right way,” Hickenlooper told the joyful crowd. “We were able to cut through the partisanship.”

“If we’re not willing” to protect the rights of every Coloradan, then “we’re saying we’re not all equal. The General Assembly did the right thing,” he added. “We were able to keep politics out of the civil rights commission.”

John signing the bill, with sponsors then-House Speaker Crisanta Duran and Rep. Leslie Herod.

Hick Hits the Western Slope and High Country

Only two months left until Election Day and John is on the road talking directly with Coloradans about the issues that matter. He swung through the High Country and the Roaring Fork Valley this week and met with Coloradans to talk about health care, saving the post office, and Senator Cory Gardner’s failure to support the CORE Act.

The first stop was in Avon, where John joined state Senator Kerry Donovan and state Representative Dylan Roberts to talk about his plan to expand access to coverage and lower health care costs by building on the Affordable Care Act. Read more in the Vail Daily.


John then made a stop in Carbondale with Senator Michael Bennet at the foot of Carbondale’s Mount Sopris and the Thompson Divide. They spoke with Coloradans who want to pass the CORE Act, but Senator Gardner refuses to protect 400,000 acres of Colorado public lands. Read more in The Aspen Times and the Aspen Daily News.


The next stop was in Basalt where John and Senator Bennet joined postal workers and activists in support of the post office and to advocate for vote by mail. The United States Postal Service has been under attack by the Trump administration despite it being a lifeline for Americans in rural areas who depend on medication to come through the mail. Read or watch more from KREX Grand Junction.


Finally, John made a stop in Dillon to rally voters with state Representative Julie McCluskie and other Democratic candidates in Summit County. Read more in the Summit Daily.

Our Future Is On The Ballot — Are You Ready?
Voter Registration

You can Register to Vote, Update your Registration, and Add your cell # or email to receive alerts when your ballot has been sent, received & counted — all at http://www.govotecolorado.gov or at the buttons below!

See a Preview of your Ballot at Ballot Ready!
Ballot Ready allows voters to plug in their address and see the whole ticket of Democratic candidates running where they live. The tool pulls up the voter’s slate card of candidates, and includes photos of the candidates and links to their websites and social media channels so voters can learn about them. Go to http://www.coloradodems.org/ballot or click on the below to try it out!
Judicial Performance Commission

Find out more about the judges who will be on your ballot before your ballot arrives either at the button below or this link: http://www.coloradojudicialperformance.gov/review.cfm?year=2020

Read the Judicial Performance Reviews on Judges
Voterfied — Make YOUR Voice Heard
Voterfied is a tool that allows voters to directly cut through the noise, and make their voices and opinions heard by their elected officials and to the Colorado Democratic Party, without the vitriol or spam-like nature of social media and email. During this time of COVID-19, voters are not able to attend town hall meetings without fearing for their safety — Voterfied allows voters to make their voices heard while maintaining social distancing. Try Voterfied at https://codems.voterfied.us or at the button below!
Become a Poll Watcher

If you are 18 years old or older and a Registered Democrat, YOU can become a guardian of democracy! Sign up to be a Poll Watcher, and ensure that no voter intimidation is happening, and that every eligible voter can vote! Sign up at https://coloradodems.org/watchpolls/ or at the button below!

Download the Vote Joe App

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Become an Election Judge

These are PAID positions that ensure elections are being conducted fairly and in accordance with the law! You must be 16 years or older to apply — visit your county clerk’s website and find out more!

Did You Know?

One of YOUR towns may be having a municipal election! Check below to see if your town is on the list:

  • Town of Avon
  • Town of Brookside
  • Town of Castle Rock
  • City of Central
  • City of Cherry Hills Village
  • Town of Coal Creek
  • City of Dacono
  • Town of Gilcrest
  • Town of Granby
  • Town of Hayden
  • City of Holyoke
  • Town of Hot Sulphur Springs
  • Town of Hudson
  • Town of Kiowa
  • Town of Lochbuie
  • Town of Palmer Lake
  • Town of Parker
  • Town of Rico
  • Town of Rockvale
  • Town of Snowmass Village
  • Town of Superior
  • Town of Williamsburg
Volunteer with Your Local Coordinated Field Organizer

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Did you Fill Out Your Census?

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Redistricting / Reapportionment Commissions

Don’t let politicians choose who they want to vote for with unfair gerrymandering! Sign up today to apply join the independent redistricting commission by click the button below or going to this web address: https://redistricting.colorado.gov

Fund our 2020 Win Plan

Whether you can give $5, $10, $50, $500, whatever you can manage to donate can go so far to help fund our 2020 Win Plan and help us launch a blue tsunami in November! And, if you can, please make it monthly 🙂

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What’s the Elbow Bumpers Club (formerly known as the High Fivers Club), you ask? It started with a simple idea: There are nearly 1.2 million registered Democrats in Colorado — what if every single one of them gave just $5 a month to the Colorado Democratic Party (CDP)?

Answer: The CDP would be the best-funded state party in the country — with zero dollars from corporate PACs and plenty for flipping red seats to blue!

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This Week In Making a Difference
State Legislature – 10:00AM
County Commissioners – 12:00PM
RTD Board – 2:00PM
Yes on National Popular Vote! Yes on 113!
Are you ready to be a Democracy Defender? Yes on Prop. 113, the National Popular Vote, is looking for volunteers to help with everything from sending texts to posting yard signs. If you firmly believe that every vote should count equally, and have a bit of time to volunteer, please sign up here – https://actionnetwork.org/forms/volunteer-with-yes-on-national-popular-vote?source=CDP
Just want to show your support for the National Popular Vote? Then reserve a yard sign here! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdV2ygh33Fo78D1VMhh4K4Mf680c4YRvXoCXxd0BRBAfy6GVw/viewform
Work for the 2020 Wave Webinars
SAVE THE DATE for our upcoming “Work for the Wave” webinars!
Monday, September 14, 2020 @ 6:00PM MST

VAN 101 (Hosted by Bruce Norikane)

The Voter Activation Network (VAN) is one of the Democratic Party’s most critical tools to victory and success at every level of campaigning! Whether you’re new to VAN, or if you could use a refresher on the basics, check out this training by technology director Bruce Norikane! Click here to sign up!

Monday, September 28, 2020 @ 6:00PM MST

GOTV and GOTV Messaging (Hosted by Morgan Carroll and Halisi Vinson)

How do we make sure that that we turn out the vote? How do we convince our voters to turn in their ballots, and make sure that they don’t leave their ballots on their kitchen counter until it’s too late? We go over strategies in this webinar! Click here to sign up!


New Positions to Apply For!

Help Wanted!
We’re staffing up in preparation for the 2020 General Election! Colorado is a battleground state, and we’re looking for scrappy, driven, politically savvy organizers to join our team!

Job Descriptions:

Click here to read more about or share our open jobs!

Join the Morgan County Dems for

Ballot Education Events!

The races are heating up. Ballot issues are getting certified for the ballot. As such, the Morgan Dems have scheduled THREE educational Zoom sessions to start on Tuesday Sept. 8. followed every two weeks by another Zoom forum. Each date will address a different topic. There will be time for questions and answers. These are interactive events. Zoom allows access via PC, Mac or Smartphone. Your device does not have to have a camera to join.

Here are the remaining sessions:

Tuesday, September 22 @ 7 PM

Taxes, Taxes and More tax issues on the ballot.

Presented by Reeves Brown from Building a Better Colorado. Trust me, this is more interesting and easier to understand than you have been led to believe.

Tuesday, October 6 @ 7 PM

National Popular Vote or NPV. Did you know you don’t actually vote for President? What is it, how does it work, and does it violate the constitution?

Presented by Colorado Senator Mike Foote

Join the Pitkin County Dems for

their *Virtual* Annual Gathering!

Scan the QR code below to register!
Join Us for a Fundraiser for

District Attorney Candidates!

Organizer of the Week
Meet: Madeline Cassic

Field Organizer for R03

Turf: Highlands Ranch

Phone: 832-691-8825

Email: madeleine.cassic

Meet Maddie — a local Douglas County organizer who has a great persistence mindset in volunteer recruitment! Maddie joins team Colorado from a variety of local campaigns in Douglas County. A Highlands Ranch native, Maddie worked on 2017 and 2019 school board elections and is a Research and Policy Development Lead for the Douglas County Youth Alliance. Maddie is taking a leave of absence from Stanford, where she is pursuing her Bachelor’s degree.
Fun Fact:

Maddie had been chasing a volunteer for a few weeks. Refusing to give up, she finally not only got the volunteer recruited, but she recruited him and his friends to make phone calls every week for the rest of the campaign!

Inspired? Click the button below to sign up to volunteer!

Local Candidates of the Week
Candidate: Ken Schauer


Office Running for: County Commissioner (El Paso District 3)

Why this matters: Ken is a father, a husband, and a veteran who believes in building an El Paso County that works for everyone. Unfortunately, county voters’ interests have been compromised. An elite few have profited as non-accountable development has stressed our infrastructure, forcing taxpayers to pick up the bill for new fire stations, schools, and roads. Skyrocketing property values have increased our costs, making renters and landowners alike sacrifice for unchecked development.

Connect with Ken on Facebook and Twitter.

Candidate: Amos Mace


Office Running for: County Commissioner (Huerfano District 1)

Why this matters: How could have I expected the conditions within our county to have changed so much since the day I decided to toss my hat in the ring? How many times have I questioned myself if the pathway toward leadership is the direction I should take during these times? When I consider these questions the answers I find within myself are that nobody could have considered the rate and magnitude of the changes Covid-19 initiated, and if I don’t proceed forward with my pathway toward leadership now, what kind of a leader would I be anyway.

Connect with Amos on Facebook.

Dems Leading the Way
Crow Blasts Trump’s Reported Disparaging of Troops
MSNBC: Crow Discusses the Atlantic’s Story on Trump’s Comments on Veterans

From MSNBC’s Weekends with Alex Witt

Donald Trump “has a very long history of disparaging service members” said Jason Crow, an Army veteran and member of the Armed Services Committee.

Click here to watch.

New Poll Shows Gardner WAY DOWN Against Hickenlooper, Particularly with Unaffiliateds.
New poll shows Hickenlooper leading Gardner, up big with Colorado independents

From Colorado Politics

New polling of likely Colorado voters released Thursday shows former Gov. John Hickenlooper opening up a lead over U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner on the strength of a wide advantage among unaffiliated voters just weeks before ballots are set to go out.

The survey, conducted online Aug. 21-30 by Morning Consult, found the Republican incumbent trailing his Democratic challenger by 9 percentage points, 48% to 39%.

While both candidates have solid support from fellow partisans, Hickenlooper holds a 29 percentage point lead with Coloradans registered unaffiliated or with third parties, who make up more 40% of the state’s active registered voters.

Click here to read more.

Bocella: “Deeply committed” to Community and Service!
Candidate Q&A: Sally Boccella for Colorado State Senate

From the Colorado Times Recorder

Democrat Sally Boccella is running to represent Colorado’s 23rd Senate District, which encompasses Windsor and other parts of Larimer County. The seat was formerly held by term-limited Republican Vicki Marble. Boccella is running against Republican Barbara Kirkmeyer and Libertarian Matthew DiGiallonardo.

Click here to read!

Trump, Gardner, & GOP Watch
Trump Flails Amidst Bombshell Article of Him Calling Veterans “Losers” and “Suckers”
Everyone Knows It’s True

From the Atlantic

Donald Trump generates a lot of noise. He talks. He tweets. He is echoed and amplified by a vast claque, on TV and online, made up of Americans and foreigners, humans and bots.

Never has he shouted louder than in the days since my colleague Jeffrey Goldberg reported the president’s disparaging comments about those who have fallen, been maimed, or taken prisoner in war.

Trump’s protestations have been seconded by his wife. The first lady’s endorsement of Trump’s pro-military credentials has been repeated by Trump Cabinet secretaries, as well as by Fox News talking heads, and by a recipient of a Trump pardon.

Amid the clamor, it’s easy to overlook those who are not yelling, those who are keeping silent. Where are the senior officers of the United States armed forces, serving and retired—the men and women who worked most closely on military affairs with President Trump? Has any one of them stepped forward to say, “That’s not the man I know”?

Click here to read more.

Gardner “Plays Into Right-Wing Conspiracy Theories” at Maskless Conservative Summit
(Photo Credit: Mark Reis)
“What have we done?” Cory Gardner accuses public health experts of politicizing the pandemic

From the Denver Post

In some of his most candid remarks to date about the coronavirus pandemic, U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner told a conservative crowd that public health advice and science have been politicized in recent months, causing an erosion of public trust.

Gardner, a Yuma Republican, spoke in person to the Steamboat Institute’s annual Freedom Conference on Aug. 28. Video of Gardner’s remarks was uploaded to YouTube this week.

Gardner was asked by a panel moderator how the coronavirus pandemic became “so political” and why it had eroded “public trust in our media, in our institutions, in our government.” The senator, who faces re-election in two months, criticized public health experts, scientists, governments and the media for, he said, picking economic winners and losers based on political and philosophical beliefs.

Click here to read more.

Lauren “Q-Bert” Boebert Continues to Scrub Her QAnon History
Boebert Deletes Her YouTube Account Where She Subscribed to Multiple QAnon Channels

From the Colorado Times Recorder

Colorado congressional candidate Lauren Boebert has apparently deleted a YouTube account where she had subscribed to receive videos from multiple QAnon channels.

She’s also apparently deleted her personal Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Alex Kaplan, a researcher with Media Matters for America, first pointed out on July 1 that Boebert apparently subscribed to receive the QAnon content on YouTube.

Kaplan’s tweet about Boebert’s QAnon subscriptions, which show that she was apparently following QAnon, came just after she said, “I don’t follow QAnon.”

Click here to read more.

The Funnies!

Credit: Bill Bramhall
Credit: Nick Anderson

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