ADA Education and Reform Act of 2017 (H.R. 620)

If you are concerned about protecting the rights of people with disabilities you may want to weigh in on this. The ADA Education and Reform Act of 2017 (H.R. 620) removes protections for Americans with Disabilities to protect businesses. If this bill passes, individuals would be required to ‘prove’ a lack of accessibility for persons of disability at a business, essentially putting the burden of compliance with ADA regulations on the the people rather than the business.

As of now, Mike Coffman, Doug Lamborn, and Scott Tipton are all Co-Sponsors of the bill.
Please call their offices and let them know that you disagree with the bill. 
This bill creates barriers for citizens with disabilities. We need your help to stop the bill and hold Colorado Republicans accountable.
Call Mike Coffman, Doug Lamborn, and Scott Tipton’s offices today and tell them to reject this bill. 
Mike Coffman 720-748-7514 or 202-225-7882
Scott Tipton 719-542-1073 or 202-225-4761
Doug Lamborn 719-520-0055 or 202-225-4422

Healthcare in America

Healthcare in America

In a world where advancing technologies are making our lives simpler and communications with anyone on the planet a key-stroke away, we seem to be moving backwards in the access people have to good healthcare. Last week Bernie Sanders proposed a Medicare for All bill in the senate. Many democrats jumped on board with him to provide this vital service to their constituents. The republicans jumped up to advocate for their healthcare bill too. I’ve read through the repeal and replace GOP bill and I can tell you it is NOT a bill that seeks to help anyone but the usual suspects.

  Democratic leaders that have not gotten on board with Bernie have something in common with republican leaders. They have taken money from the healthcare industry. Frankly I can’t say I am surprised by the Colorado Senators that have taken what is tantamount to blood money from an industry of flesh. Those of you who may be religious know the warnings given concerning traders in flesh.
I feel as if we must act as democrats. Telling or leaders just what we expect from them. I saw a senator post something about the need to get a healthcare bill for the insurance companies to work with. The responses were unanimous in favor of Medicare For All.

  Follow the money! Look at the contributions taken by your leaders and ask yourself if this has any effect on the decisions these leaders make. We have come to expect this sort of dirty coelutions played as part of the GOP strategies. We often feel as if Democrats are better than this. It is a shock to find out that they may have obligations to big pharma, health insurance companies and the like. We may have to step up and support the candidates that do not take money from people that are a detriment to our way of life.

  We are losing democracy in favor of an oligarchy. If we stand and act individually for the collective good of everyone.

David Higginbotham
Chair of the Fremont County, Colorado Democrats

Health Care defense alert!

Sept. 15, 2017 – URGENT!

? Red Alert! ? Healthcare is threatened by new bill in Senate! If you’re from CO, do these three things TODAY (if from a different state, adapt for Your senators/governor):

#1: CALL SENATOR GARDNER: 303-391-5777. Say: “Senator, VOTE NO on the Graham-Cassidy Bill. You said in your town hall you will push for transparency next time. Well, this is next time. This bill will increase premiums by 20% NEXT YEAR. It eliminates subsidies, ends Medicaid expansion, ends lifetime caps, allows states to opt out of essential benefits like maternity care. It will kick 32M off healthcare and cost Colorado over $800 million. Will you demand open hearings on it?”

#2: CALL SENATOR BENNET: 303-455-7600. Say: “Senator, do everything in your power in the senate to slow this bill down. We have 15 days to stall and then the bill is dead. What will you do to halt the bill from ever coming to a vote?”

#3: CALL GOVERNOR HICKENLOOPER: 303-866-2885. Say: “Governor, the Graham-Cassidy bill will harm hundreds of thousands of Coloradans who have benefited from the Medicaid expansion. The state will lose $800M in federal funding. You have been vocal about the need for bipartisan fixes. Please continue to be vocal and oppose this bill in particular as loudly as you can.”

#4: TWITTER: Crank up your twitter and tweet your healthcare thoughts to:


**Sample tweet: .@sencorygardner you said in your Grand Junction townhall you would call for open hearings in the healthcare debate. How about it? #SaveACA

#5: TAP TAP: Reach out to *one* other person in the resistance that you already know, and ask them if they’ve called yet today.

#6: Post that you called in the discussion page below, then eat lunch.

All credit for this CTA to Katie of IFRR: Indivisible Front Range Resistance ✊?

Statement from Fremont County Democratic Party on Charlottesville

As Chair of the Fremont County Democrats I feel compelled to write something to the good people of Fremont County. I know that I speak for so many people irrespective of race, creed, color, or political affiliation when I say that there is no room for this neo-Nazi form of terrorism in Fremont County Colorado!

In a divine sense, a giant mirror has been lifted to the people of the United States of America. We can choose to look deeply into this mirror and ask ourselves a few simple questions or we can pretend not to see it. We have no doubt that the White Supremacists Terrorists are a minority in every part of this great land. The irony of their symbolism as two entities that American soldiers fought and died protecting the US and world from is not lost on us. Yet, it is true that the most terroristic acts committed in this country come from this line of thought.

We in Fremont County condemn in no uncertain terms the actions and beliefs that propagate hatred. In no one’s religion are we commanded to hate anyone. It is a time when to do nothing equates to complicity. We stand in solidarity with the peacemakers of this great land. Those who fearlessly faced the hatred yesterday and those who will face it tomorrow. Our hearts go out to the family of Heather Heyer whose life was taken by a White Supremacists Terrorist.

We ask that we all take stock of our own values. Where did we get them? Who gave them to us? Are they useful in this current day? How can I be an asset to my community? In our own prayer closets shall we ask ourselves these things in the name of Faith, Hope and Love.

David Higginbotham
Chair Fremont County Democrats.

Jemez Principles for Democratic Organizing

  • #1 Be Inclusive
  • #2 Emphasize Bottom-Up Organizing
  • #3 Let People Speak for Themselves
  • #4 Work Together In Solidarity and Mutuality
  • #5 Build Just Relationships Among Ourselves
  • #6 Commit to Self-Transformation We must change from operating on the mode of individualism to community-centeredness. We must “walk our talk.” We must ‘be’ the values that we say we’re struggling for. We must be justice, peace, community.
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