How You Can Help

We all know this is an important election. We need your help in getting Democrats elected up and down the ballot. There are many opportunities this year. Whether you want to volunteer or donate, each of the candidates can use your help.

Here are some ideas and resources:

a. Fremont County Democrats Get Out the Vote – coordinator Donna Young ([email protected]) 719 275 3831 

b. Coordinated Campaign (President and Senate) (585 315-5290) [email protected] 

c. Individual campaigns 

i. President – Joe Biden / Kamala Harris 

ii. Senate – John Hickenlooper 

iii. US Congress – Jillian Freeland (719 400 9468) 

iv. Colorado House Districts 47 – Bri Buentello (210 488 5622) 

v. Colorado House District 60 –Lori Boydston (719 539 7207)  

vi. District Attorney – Kaitlin Turner (719 285 9008) 

2) Fremont County Dems Facebook and web-site information: 

a. Facebook ( 

b. Web-site ( ) 

Please be generous with your time and your resources. Our future depends on this election. 

Author: Ken Rucker

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