Fremont County Dem’s Campaign Update


The election season officially opens on the Labor Day week-end!

And, from the participation we have had so far, we here in Fremont County are excited and ready!

Never, not even during the 2004 election effort to defeat George Bush, have we had this much participation by people wanting to help.
Thanks to all of you who are participating in the effort to increase Democrat turnout in Fremont County.

We have:

1) Postcards writers,

2) People who will put up yard signs,

3) People who will make phone calls,

4) People who are contributing financially.

There is a new batch of a few thousand postcards that are going out to Dem and leaning Dem voters that are ready for addressing. Yea! They are very cool. Please let me know if you can help address them.

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So, here is the plan for the run-up to the election:

· Get this latest patch of postcards written and ready to mail,

· Assemble and distribute door hangers with the candidates’ campaign literature to Democratic households.

· Phone and text Democratic voters to get them to turn in their ballots,

· Put up yard signs in any yard that we can.

We have Biden yard signs – and more on order. If you haven’t already contacted us, let me know if you want a sign, so that I can reserve one for you. If we need more, we can do another order. They cost about $20 each, so if you can make a donation, that would be helpful.

I expect the Presidential / Senate campaign will come roaring into town soon. It will be interesting to see what their plan is.

ALSO: I have had a lot of interest in the “In My America” yard signs, and I will order some if people want one. Here are the options. Let me know if you want one – and which one you would like. They both cost about $20 each.


Also, we can order Biden / Harris t-shirts. Let me know if you want one and your size. $20 each.

Let us be heard!

If you have any questions, or want to help with any of the above projects, contact:

Donna Young  —  275 3831  — eMail Donna

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Author: Ken Rucker

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