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Good Morning Team,

Colorado water is under attack. Even while our state is currently facing unprecedented drought, Nestle Waters is sucking and trucking millions of gallons every week out of the Rocky Mountains. Despite massive public opposition, Nestle has insisted on their right to pump out our spring water, ship it in huge polluting trucks to Denver, and bottle it in disposable plastic. This demonstrates exactly how Nestle operates in small communities like ours, using their corporate and legal weight to pressure local officials into compromising our communities’ water security.

Well we are sick of it! We have formed a coalition with five other communities in the United States and Canada who are fighting against Nestle for control of local water sources, and we are asking you to join us today for a coordinated day of action. Weare calling on all of our 350 allies to speak out against Nestle’s contributions to climate change and plastic waste and their threat to local water security.

Commit To Resist with us, and join your voices with ours.

Here is how you can help!

SPEAK OUT on this Global Day Of Action Digital Flood Action today! in partnership with Story of Stuff on November 19th we are asking for your help to flood social media opposing Nestle’s unethical water bottling operations. Take a photo, share a post, make a GIF, write a tweet with your best signs, art or other creative messaging and post it to your social media and tag everything Nestle! They WILL hear us.

Use these tags on Facebook: @350centralcolorado @350colorado @storyofstuff @Nestle Waters @nestle

Use these Twitter handles: @350colorado @storyofstuff @NestleWatersNA @NestleWatersHQ @Nestle @NestleUSA

Are you excited for this digital protest?! I am! It’s not quite marching in the streets, but when it comes to giving Nestle bad PR- it hits them where it hurts. I just wanted to help clarify (thanks, Bob!) for what tomorrow looks like. Slushy gets to star in the FB posts we put out tomorrow. I’ll attach our final photos, and you can post it on whatever you use- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. The idea is when each person tags Nestle, or shares a post, it appears on Nestle’s page every time, and they end up with a Facebook page and Twitter feed full of protest posts. Bad PR city.

Posting Tips:
In Facebook, to tag someone, type the ” @” symbol in the post or comment you’re writing, and start typing their Facebook name, and a box should pop up with their profile pic and name. If you click on them, they should automatically get tagged into your post. I’ll be around tomorrow and could screen share with you on Zoom to help. 🙂 Here is my post-in-creation as example. You can see who I’ve tagged in blue, and here I’ve started to type @350… and all the people/pages I can tag pop up to click on.

Here are the Facebook names we want to tag:
@350 Central Colorado
@nestle waters

Hope that helps! Let’s give ’em hell. Digitally…

Even Bill Mc Kibben tweeted for us today!

Feel free to use any of the pics in the attachments.

In Solidarity,

Angie & the 350 Central Colorado Team

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Author: Ken Rucker

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