Democrat Primary Candidates

During the primary season, we will endeavor to provide a page and/or links to every candidate running for offices serving Fremont County. After our candidates have been selected to represent our values in the general election, we will focus the content here on those candidates and the pivotal issues. Basic information and links to their web sites can be found behind these links:

Senate Candidates to replace Gardner

Congressional District 5 Candidates to unseat Lamborn

Some candidates have sent additional messages and/or video presentations for your consideration. Those materials are provided below in formats provided by the candidates’ campaign managers. This additional information is provided for voter convenience and information.  Your Fremont County organizations does not endorse any candidate until after the primary election has selected our standard bearer.

(some videos may not play as expected due to formatting errors in the submissions by campaign managers. In most cases, the text links will work and will open in a new tab or window)


Fellow Democrat:

Thank you for attending your precinct caucus and committing to be a delegate. I appreciate your commitment to our cause, particularly in light of the current challenging public health and economic challenges our state and country are facing.

I would be honored to earn your support at the upcoming County and State Assemblies, most of which have been moved to an online or e-voting format through the hard work of our County Democratic Party officials across the state.

Why I’m running for the U.S. Senate:

Together we can combat the climate crisis, ensure health care for all, and build an economy that works for everyone. We can reduce the risk of gun violence, repair our broken immigration system, and—at the heart of so many other problems—reform the way we finance campaigns.

Achieving these goals will require more than a new President, although that’s essential. It will require a new senator and a new Democratic majority.

The good news: Colorado will elect a new senator this year. Cory Gardner trails even a generic Democrat by double digits.

But we deserve more than a generic Democrat. We deserve a leader who will bring both a strong set of legislative skills and a sense of urgency to Washington—someone who will act as if our lives depend on it … because they do.


Andrew Romanoff  —  I’m Asking for Your Vote

Trish Zornio Video Message:

Trish Zornio video message for Assembly

Trish Zornio for Senate

2 minutes (no captions)    —-    2 minutes (with captions)

3 minutes (no captions)    —-    3 minutes (with captions)

Jillian Freeland for Congressional District 5

Jillian Freeland message for Assembly

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