Your Help is Urgently Needed

We are excited to report that many new and old faces are enthusiastically supporting the Fremont County Democratic Party.  Over the last year we enjoyed many successes such as the Get Out The Vote drive, our annual FDR dinner, and generous Century Club donations.  Attendance at this fall’s debate watches has been phenomenal! Thanks to all of you for your support!

But we find ourselves at a crossroads and need your help.  We are in desperate need of people to step forward and replace the exhausted individuals who, with the support of countless others, have worked tirelessly over the years on events, fund raising, and the county caucus / assembly. 

Andrea Stein has graciously agreed to take over the Century Club.  Our most important source of funds, the Century Club was founded by Virgil Olson and Jim Milam in 2006, and has been most recently chaired by Roxanne Bradshaw. The Century Club is essential in keeping our office open.

The events committee, made up of Roxanne Bradshaw, Cathe Meyrick, Gloria Stultz, Donna Murphy, and Joan Parker, retired following last year’s FDR dinner and have not as yet been replaced.  While Donna Young has agreed to chair the Christmas party, and Janet Reither is chairing the FDR dinner.  Janet will need a lot of help putting on the dinner.  The FDR dinner has always been our second most important source of income as well as a chance to meet candidates and enjoy a great evening. We do not have a permanent events committee. Volunteer movers and shakers are needed for those important roles.

The upcoming caucus and county assembly are also in jeopardy.  Greg Sisk is the current organizer and contact person for this committee, but a chair and additional volunteers are needed.  We currently have several dedicated Precinct Committee Persons, however there are multiple openings to be filled at the caucus.

Party visibility is crucial to our presence in Fremont County!  Most important is the office, which has been managed and manned by Catherine Sounart for many years, and additional help is needed.  Other volunteer opportunities would include participating in community events such as parades, honk and waves, booths, and meet and greets– all to emphasize that there are Democrats living and working in Fremont County.

Please think about what you can contribute to the future of the Fremont County Democratic Party.  If not you, who? Bring your ideas to the Central Committee Meeting on Wednesday, November 13th, to show support for our local party and our chair, Heather Zimmerman.

Together we can do this!

Joan Parker, Secretary                                                                                                
Catherine Sounart, Office Manager

3 comments on “Your Help is Urgently Needed

  1. November 11, 2019 William Stehn

    I am a former contractor for many county governments across the country as a mass property appraiser in personal, commercial and property taxes. I would like to share my experiences with others and why I choose to be a democrat after being employed in this field. I have been medically incapable of working for 4 years but I am still passionate about the direction of our local, state and federal policies.

  2. November 19, 2019 Gail Saxby

    I have tried to call and volunteer I stopped by the office and it closed. I don’t understand why you are not easily accessible

    • November 19, 2019 Ken Rucker

      On behalf of the volunteer staff I apologize for the frustration in finding open office hours. We do our best to have the office open from 10am to 2pm Monday through Saturday, and times outside of those when volunteer time is available or meetings are scheduled.

      We had long discussions about this situation at our last monthly Central Committee meeting and are looking for volunteer help for office coverage and many other roles.

      Please keep trying or even call the office between 10 and 2 to see if anyone is covering that day and to schedule a time for a personal orientation meeting.

      Thank you for your interest and attempts to volunteer. Your participation will be welcomed as soon as one of our officers can match your interests with the opportunities needing attention.

      Ken R.

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