The Most Important Office!


On Monday, March 6, YOU could be elected to the most influential and important office to be filled in this year’s elections!

If the Precinct Caucus is where “the rubber meets the road” in American Democracy, the Precinct Committee Person is the tread on the tires which steers and powers the machine of Grassroots governance.

Each precinct will elect two Precinct Committee Persons (PCP) to their County Committee. The PCPs must commit to serving two-year terms organizing and representing citizens in their neighborhoods. The PCP is charged with assuring that the County Committee truly represents the interests and priorities of voters in each of their neighborhoods. The job is not difficult but does require personal interaction with their neighbors in order to honestly represent their common interests.


As a Precinct Committee Person (PCP), you are the representative of the Democratic Party in your neighborhood. Elections are won or lost in precincts, and PCPs are vital to ensuring strong Democratic support for Party candidates and issues.

PCPs are elected at the precinct caucus and serve a two-year term. PCPs can also be appointed by the Chair with the advice of the Sub-District Captain and Co-Captain to fill a vacancy. Any registered Democrat is eligible to be a PCP in the precinct where she/he lives.

The primary role of a PCP is to serve as the connection between the Party and voters and represent her/his precinct within the Patty.

Duties of PCPs include:

  • Attending all meetings of the Central Committee and sub-district, unless properly excused;
  • Supporting nominees of the Party and educating voters about the Party and nominees;
  • Recruiting and maintaining contact with precinct volunteers to assist with GOTV and Party activities;
  • Directing Party activities within precincts; and
  • Contacting all Democrats in the precinct with the time, place and date of the precinct caucus.
  • Coordinate GOTV activities within your precinct.

Tips to help you be an effective PCP:

Get a copy of your precinct map and precinct voter list. These tools will help you become familiar with your precinct. Learn the boundaries, the number of houses and apartment buildings, religious centers, schools, and businesses in your precinct. The Voter Activation Network (VAN) point person for your sub-district can help you obtain this information.

Know your precinct’s demographics. Be aware of and sensitive to the economic and cultural makeup of your precinct. Find out the number of union members, veterans, students of voting age, etc. in your precinct. Ask your sub-district VAN point person for help with this information.

Get to know your neighbors. Get acquainted with the Democrats in your precinct; learn about their interests and concerns. Let them know you are a resource for them. Host a house party, community event, spaghetti dinner, candidates’ forum, or political video party to bring together voters in your

Canvass your neighborhood. Go door-to-door to register new voters and update voter information.

Recruit volunteers in your precinct. Volunteers can help you with your activities as a PCP and increase Democratic strength in your precinct.

Communicate regularly with volunteers and voters. Provide updates of Party activities and events, a summary of meetings, and other important information.

Read your local newspapers and find out how your neighbors feel about the issues impacting Fremont County and Colorado. Keep up to date on Party positions on issues.

Get to know Party officers and elected Democratic officials. Attend Party meetings and activities.

Understand your local election laws and deadlines. Know the deadlines for registering to vote, and facts about state and city elections, school board elections, and bond elections. Ask the County and State Party for help with this information.

Be visible during campaign season. Distribute Party and candidate literature, display yard/window signs and assist with gathering signatures for petitions.

Solicit donations. Coordinate with the County Fundraising Committee and Sub-District Finance Chair to include fundraising in your activities.

Rise to the Challenge!

Stand for and accept your precinct’s nomination as PCP. This truly is the most influential and important office in American Democracy! Make a difference by helping empower your neighbors to make a difference and recover our grassroots democracy!

A detailed handbook for PCPs can be viewed or downloaded here: PCP Service Manual

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