Healthcare in America

Healthcare in America

In a world where advancing technologies are making our lives simpler and communications with anyone on the planet a key-stroke away, we seem to be moving backwards in the access people have to good healthcare. Last week Bernie Sanders proposed a Medicare for All bill in the senate. Many democrats jumped on board with him to provide this vital service to their constituents. The republicans jumped up to advocate for their healthcare bill too. I’ve read through the repeal and replace GOP bill and I can tell you it is NOT a bill that seeks to help anyone but the usual suspects.

  Democratic leaders that have not gotten on board with Bernie have something in common with republican leaders. They have taken money from the healthcare industry. Frankly I can’t say I am surprised by the Colorado Senators that have taken what is tantamount to blood money from an industry of flesh. Those of you who may be religious know the warnings given concerning traders in flesh.
I feel as if we must act as democrats. Telling or leaders just what we expect from them. I saw a senator post something about the need to get a healthcare bill for the insurance companies to work with. The responses were unanimous in favor of Medicare For All.

  Follow the money! Look at the contributions taken by your leaders and ask yourself if this has any effect on the decisions these leaders make. We have come to expect this sort of dirty coelutions played as part of the GOP strategies. We often feel as if Democrats are better than this. It is a shock to find out that they may have obligations to big pharma, health insurance companies and the like. We may have to step up and support the candidates that do not take money from people that are a detriment to our way of life.

  We are losing democracy in favor of an oligarchy. If we stand and act individually for the collective good of everyone.

David Higginbotham
Chair of the Fremont County, Colorado Democrats

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